Sterling Silver Handstamped Personalised Cufflinks


Sterling Silver Handstamped Personalised Cufflinks

Handmade sterling silver rectangle cufflinks with your personalisation on the front.  This will be handstamped and as with all handstamped items, may not be perfectly straight, which is the beauty of handmade and handstamped items.

Please note that the maximum letters (capitals or small) are 9 letters, as can be seen in the example STARBOARD.  We can also use some of our design stamps to add a little extra to the cufflinks eg hearts, stars etc. and also use numbers eg for dates.

These cufflinks are sterling silver and handcut and are not as chunky as the other cufflinks we offer, so please do note that it is not therefore possible to put personalisation on the back....we could squeeze an age eg for a 50th birthday or other special milestone.

These make perfect birthday, wedding, engagement, father's day or Christmas gifts - personalised jewellery with your own stamp on it!

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