Mollie's Wings - keepsake jewellery, memorial jewellery, baby loss, miscarriage, angel baby jewellery

  • Mollie's Wings - keepsake jewellery, memorial jewellery, baby loss, miscarriage, angel baby jewellery

Mollie's Wings - keepsake jewellery, memorial jewellery, baby loss, miscarriage, angel baby jewellery

In memory of angel baby Mollie.....


We were asked to create a special piece for Mollie's mum and she has been kind enough to allow us to share our design with other mummy's who may be looking for something special like this. 

This is a special piece, which is split in two, so that one half can remain with the baby and the other with the mummy.  It is a broken heart......

.... however, the two pieces of the broken heart have been split so that it looks like two little angel wings, to represent the little wings your precious baby has grown.  One wing is left with you, with a heart cut out of it and put on the little wing that will accompany your angel baby on his or her spiritual journey to be with the other angel babies.  The little heart from your piece, attached to your angel baby's piece, represents a bit of your heart, that will always be with your baby.

We sometimes have stock of unpersonalised pieces, which can be dispatched quickly, but if you would like them personalised, please understand that this will take a bit longer for us to make up for you.

"Mollie's Wings" design is exclusive and copyright to PastelPrint. 

If you choose to have this attached to a Pandora-style carrier bead and also purchase the Starter Pandora-style bracelet, this will include a 3mm snake chain bracelet 7.5", 4 glass beads and a silver stopper (all sterling silver fittings).  Please also choose the colourway for the beads on the bracelet. 

If you choose to have the larger size, this is suitable for attaching one half on a Sterling Pin, to which you can add a little tag and crystals as well (3 items), and this will go with your loved one (the pin would attach to an item of clothing).  

We have listed many options for this piece.  Swarovski crystals may be added to represent birthstones, conception, loss and due dates and a little tag can also be added which can be personalised with dates or indeed the name, should you choose unpersonalised wings.

If you are unsure of any options, please email us or state your requests in the comments box at checkout and we will reconfirm this with you before making up the item. 

To clarify - the half that has the hole, stays with you to attach to a necklace, bracelet etc.  This would have the name of the baby or your loved one.  The other half normally has no hole in it and would have "mummy" or something else on it - this must be no more than 5 letters.

If you choose the upgraded size (slightly bigger), then more text can fit on the piece - eg longer names, "mummy & daddy" etc.  This larger size also has space to have a hole in it, so is suitable should you wish the half that stays with your loved one, to be attached with a pin or necklace, piece of ribbon or whatever you choose.  

If you have any special requests for modification of this design, please let us know, as we are more than happy to discuss other options for you. xx

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