Inkless System Handprint, Footprint, Fingerprint, Pawprint Kit


Inkless System Handprint, Footprint, Fingerprint, Pawprint Kit

From time to time I get requests to purchase only the kits and not pieces, so this listing is for those customers who only wish to purchase the inkless system kit and no jewellery items.

Please do not purchase this kit if you are purchasing jewellery as well, as the cost of the kit is calculated into postage options at checkout when you are purchasing jewellery from me.

This kit will contain the following:

2 inkless wipes

2 specially coated papers approx 20x20cm


Examples shown are from customers who have ordered jewellery, so show that it's quite easy to achieve good results with this system.  If you are taking prints to keep, you can space and align them neatly.  Both sides of the paper can be used, although only one side is coated and therefore the prints will be darker.

The instructions are easy to follow and apply to anyone wishing to take handprints, footprints or fingerprints of their loved ones or even pet pawprints.  Please note that these papers are light sensitive and should you wish to keep them, it is advised that they are not exposed to too much light or they can yellow.  If you wish to frame them, then I would suggest taking a good copy of them and keeping the originals in an envelope in a book or photo album or away from direct sunlight.

These items are non toxic and safe to use on newborn babies and pets.  It is however advised that you use a baby wipe or wash hands or paws after using the wipes.

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