Handprint Footprint Jewellery Charms (Medium Size) - keepsake jewellery


Handprint Footprint Jewellery Charms (Medium Size) - keepsake jewellery

2.5cm approx - Medium Handprint or Footprint Charm suitable to attaching to your own bracelet or necklace.

Shapes available in this size include:   round, heart, flower, teardrop, oval, leaf, star

This charm is made using your own prints which you email or mail us or we can mail you an inkless kit so that you can take new prints of your loved one.  The images are converted and shrunk to size and transferred onto the sterling silver charms.  Personalisation can be added either on the front or back, depending on space.

You may also have this piece double-sided.  In otherwords you may have a hand or footprint on both sides of the piece.  Again you have a choice of having 1 or 2 children's prints or a hand and a foot of the same child on either side.  Please note that personalisation on the back is included and this does not constitute a double-sided piece.

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