Breastmilk Keepsakes

I am so pleased to be able to collaborate with an experienced breastmilk artist and be able to offer you the opportunity of having a very special piece of jewellery made which celebrates the bond between you and your baby.

As the range of items available is extensive with many variations, eg including crystals, colour, first curls, I've showcased a few which are popular, but you will be directed to Debbie's website in order to make your purchase.  Items you can purchase directly on my site, are where the item is a collaboration between Debbie and myself and she will make up the breastmilk cabochon and forward to me to complete the item eg rings and other bespoke silver items which may have other personalisation like handprints, footprints etc on the same piece. 

To purchase CHARM BEADS as shown in the photos above, please click here

To purchase the HEART NECKLACE as shown in the photos above, please click here

There are many more items offered by Debbie, which would be impossible to list, so if you are interested in these items, please do click the links  above and have a browse around her website.  

If you have any questions or ideas of your own for a special piece, please do get in touch and I would be happy to discuss further with you.

The process:
Your own breast milk is preserved, left to turn into stone then ground into a fine powder which we then mix with a resin inside a mould and leave it to set. We require only 20-30ml of your breastmilk, which you will need to mail to us securely - we suggest in a breastmilk bag, ensuring all air is depressed and it's locked tightly and then pop this into a further 2 bags.  Please also ensure that you put your name and order details on and with the bag for identification and use a tracked service for additional peace of mind.  An address will be provided to you when we receive your order.

Items can take 3-5 weeks to produce, but may be made up quicker during quieter periods.  If you have any questions regarding the process or items that we can make, please do drop us an email.

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