Cremation Ash

"Harley Rose" Cremation Ash Jewellery    
Pure Silver Handmade Cremation Ash Jewellery incorporating handprints, footprints, fingerprints or signatures

We have worked closely with Alexandra's Angel Gifts for several years and over this period have made many products in memoriam for bereaved parents for both their customers and our own. Together we have designed and launched several products and ranges, including our copyright Baby Bean, "Faith" trademark footprint and Mollie's Wings pieces.

For several years we have discussed how we could offer pieces that may contain cremation ashes and in 2012 we finally managed to come up with a process that will allow us to incorporate a very small amount of ashes within our jewellery ranges. While we found items available elsewhere, which incorporate cremation ashes eg glass and urn pendants, we could not find any jewellery which would incorporate two things - the ability to have a personalised and hand-made piece which would contain ashes AND personal prints. Of course this isn't limited to just hand, foot or fingerprints, you could also incorporate the signature or even a drawing a child has done for you in your piece.

We understand that this may not be to everyone's taste, but we have had enquiries for these items and all we want to do, is be able to offer this option to those who feel it will bring them comfort at a very difficult time.

We have dedicated this range of jewellery to Harley Rose and would like to thank her parents for entrusting us with their precious ashes and giving us the honour of making special pieces for them.

How it's done....
We are confident that we can incorporate ashes in most of our items. All we need is a very tiny amount of ashes to be securely sent to us and we will incorporate them in the pieces you order. We will return to you what we don't use. Our process does not generate any waste which may contain your ashes, so there will be no ash lost. This is the most important thing for us and why it has taken us this long to bring it to market. The integrity of these pieces, and how we make them, is hugely important to us and we will work very closely with you when designing and making your items. All our pieces are hand-made and bespoke and it is never too much trouble for us to go through everything very carefully with you, so as to ensure that the end result is just as you have expected... or better.

If you are interested in these products, please contact us by email or phone to discuss further. We have listed the additional costs for making items incorporating cremation ashes, just so that you have an idea of the pricing, but this may of course vary very slightly depending on what exactly you order.



We are pleased to collaborate with an experienced Resin artist to offer you Charm Beads which include a small amount of cremains.  If you would be interested in these, please click here

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