Fingerprint Cufflinks, Handprint Cufflinks, Footprint Cufflinks, TotsArt Cufflinks.....the choice is yours!

Cufflinks are great gifts for that special daddy, grandad or godfather!  We offer a selection of different styles in various shapes - all personalised with your child's fingerprints, handprints or footprints.  Of course this is not limited to children and babies' prints, we can also do adult prints.  The textured fingerprint cufflinks are very popular as a gift from the bride to the groom - something he will wear on their wedding day!

Once you have placed your order, we will mail you the appropriate print-taking kits.  These are very easy to use and come with clear instructions but if you have any problems or questions do let us know.  Be assured that if you return prints that are not suitable for using, we will send you another kit free of charge so that you can try again.  We understand that babies and young children can be either wriggly or over-enthusiastic and sometimes it "can go wrong"!  We won't make your piece with a print that is totally unrecognisable .... unless you want us to!  We know these items are going to be sentimental and kept as heirlooms, so we want to make sure they are a true representation of a moment captured in time!

All our cufflinks discs are chunky i.e. slighly thicker than our normal charms.  We feel that the extra thickness gives a more balanced cufflink and looks more luxurious!

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