Inked Fingerprint Pendant - fingerprint jewellery, keepsake jewellery


Inked Fingerprint Pendant - fingerprint jewellery, keepsake jewellery

A regular sized heart pendant, which measures about approx. 23mm overlayed with a smaller heart or round shape with the fingerprint on it.  Alternative shapes can also be used and will depend on the fingerprint supplied.  We  work from paper prints for these pieces.  

Please note that our Inked fingerprint jewellery range is designed for stronger fingerprints only and thus will not work for newborns or children who do not have defined fingerprints yet. They are ideal for adult prints.

We do not put names on the front of these pieces, only on the back. Some images show handwriting of the person whose fingerprint is used - more examples of this are found in our Wordsmithing category.

If you would like to have this as a complete necklace, we supply snake or belcher chains (same price for either style).  The image is shown with the belcher necklace.  Please choose your choice of necklace from the dropdown selection - we have only listed snake chains in the various lengths, so if you prefer the belcher chain, then select the belcher option and we will send you the corresponding length belcher chain.

Beautiful keepsake jewellery which showcased your or your loved one's fingerprints in sterling silver and perfect for gifts for women, christmas gifts, mother's day gifts or wedding jewellery.

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