Fingerprint Charm (Small size) - keepsake jewellery, memorial jewellery


Fingerprint Charm (Small size) - keepsake jewellery, memorial jewellery

This is the smallest fingerprint charm that we make and comes in a selection of shapes.  It measures approximately 2cm, which makes it suitable for charm bracelets, necklaces or part of a set of descending set of charms on a necklace.  

The charm can be personalised with a name on the front and age or DOB on the back.  Should you wish the front to only have a fingerprint on it, the name can be put on the back. 

If you would like to have 2 children's fingerprints on this charm, it can be double-sided i.e. a print and name on both sides - choose the double-sided option from the drop down menu for this. 

There are various fitting options for this, so that the charm can be attached to different bracelet styles or a necklace chain - these are detailed in the drop down menu.  A jumpring is the most common fitting, suitable for necklaces and the carrier bead for pandora-style bracelets.

When you place your order for this charm, we will mail you a special moulding kit to take the fingerprint and return to us so that we can perform our magic and create your special piece.  

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