Double Cut-out Hand/Foot cufflinks - handmade keepsake jewellery


Double Cut-out Hand/Foot cufflinks - handmade keepsake jewellery

These cufflinks can have several variations, but the one side must be "skinny" to go through the buttonhole! i.e. a little cutout foot or a little word tag.  The two halves of each cufflink are joined by a sterling silver chain.

Option 1:
1 Hand & 1 Foot - this will be as shown in the image.  Left hand and left foot for one cufflink and right hand and right foot for the other, thus making a pair of cufflinks which have 4 prints from one child.  If you have two children, you can have one cufflink per child i.e. left hand/foot of child 1 and right hand/foot of child 2.  Initials only can be put on the backs of these cufflinks to identify the print.

Option 2:
2 Footprints - this would be 4 feet in total so each cufflink would have a pair of feet joined by the little chain.  Again, many variations... you could have 2, 3 or 4 children for this.  If you have 3 children and wish to use feet for all 3, then the 4th side would be a little word tag with some text on it.

Option 3:
1 hand & Little Word Tag - This option allows you to have 2 different handprints, joined to a little word tag to make up the pair.  On the little tag you can have the name of the child or a date - text is limited of course, but we can sometimes squeeze up to 10-15 letters on this.  Some suggestions would be to have a left hand, joined to a tag with DOB on it and a right hand joined to a tag with name of child.  We can also put birth weights and time on the little tags, but be aware of space restrictions as the little tag cannot be made bigger or it won't fit through the buttonholes!  Only one side of the tag can be personalised and on the cutout hands/feet only an initial will fit on.

Option 4:
Same as option 3 above, but the cufflinks will be foot/tag and foot/tag.

Any other combinations can also be made up, so do enquire if you have special requests.

Please go through the options very carefully when choosing what style you would like, but if you are unsure, we can amend or change the design before making it up for you.

Do note that these cufflinks are quite "technical" in the making and therefore we cannot guarantee that we can make them up with a short deadline, so we advise that turnaround is at least 4 weeks from receipt of the prints.

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