Fingerprint Jewellery – Beautiful Keepsakes

Fingerprint Jewellery became very popular around 11 years ago when I started my business and has grown in popularity over the years, especially with new mums and also as memorial pieces.

I offer two options for your special pieces – those with indented fingerprints, usually more popular with mums who have young children and like to see the little dimple print, but also pieces made using inked fingerprints, usually better with adult prints and thus suitable as wedding, anniversary or memorial pieces.

If you are interested in any fingerprint jewellery, please do have a look on my website here at all the options available.  You can see from the photos below that I do a wide range of pieces, using either inked or traditional fingerprints and as each piece is handmade, they can all be personalised and customised just for you.

If you don’t have fingerprints to use, once your order is placed, I will send out a special impression or print kit so that you can take the appropriate prints and send them back to me.  For indented fingerprints, I use a special two part moulding compound which is very easy to use and sets in a few minutes.  Full instructions are provided with the kit and you should have no problem taking good prints.  For pieces made using inked prints, you can email prints to me if you have them already or I can provide a special inkless paper and wipe, which you can then use to take prints.  Again, very easy and all instructions are provided.

The process of making fingerprint jewellery is lengthy and therefore orders can take up to 4 weeks to be completed.    The prints are transferred onto sterling silver and your personalisation added.  The piece is fired and finished off to a high shine and then carefully packaged to send to you.

There is no age limit for fingerprint jewellery – although babies may not have strongly defined fingerprints, the little fingerprint dimple will show on the silver and likewise, as we get older, the skin on our fingers thins and sometimes it may be difficult to get a good defined print from the elderly, which is why I do sometimes suggest trying both methods for elderly relatives and friends, so that I can choose which method will produce the best pieces for you.


I take commissions and am happy to discuss options for bespoke pieces – please email to discuss further.


Fingerprint Jewellery
Fingerprint Necklace
Special mum necklace with prints of her children
Keepsake earrings
Jewellery made using fingerprints
Charms for Pandora
Heart charms with fingerprints of your children
Fingerprint jewellery
Personalised fingerprint jewellery
Sweet little fingerprint on a heart charm
Handmade fingerprint pendant necklace
Gifts for Dads – cufflinks
Paper Fingerprints used to make special keepsakes – fingerprint jewellery
Keepsake Fingerprint Jewellery
Fingerprint heart charm on a necklace
Fingerprint Jewellery
Fingerprint and Handwriting of your loved one
Bookmark featuring your little ones fingerprint – perfect for everyone who still reads paper books!
Handmade Dogtag with your child’s fingerprint – perfect gift for dads at Christmas or Father’s Day
Handmade sterling slver bead which fits Pandora bracelets and other charm bracelets
Handmade sterling silver fingerprint charm featuring your children’s fingerprint and name

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

In the runup to “Wear it Pink” Day on 19 October 2018 for Breast Cancer Now Charity, I am making a series of Boobie pieces and donating £10 a piece sold to support breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer is something that can affect any of us – whether it be ourselves, family or friends.  I urge all you ladies reading this to regularly check your boobies and if there is anything not quite normal, to go see your doctor and have it checked.  Likewise, for those of you receiving invites for your mammograms, go to them – they are not as bad as you think and over in a few minutes.

Help support Breast Cancer Research by purchasing pieces from my boobie series – this will be ongoing and donations made as items are purchased.  Thank you.


Memorial Keepsake Jewellery

The background to my memorial and sentimental keepsake work:

Over the years I have collaborated with various companies and in particular, have worked very closely with Alexandra’s Angel Gifts, a specialist memorial and sentimental keepsake company.  Since 2008 I have made many products for bereaved parents for both their customers and my own. Together we designed and launched several products and ranges, including our copyright Baby Bean, “Faith” trademark/generic footprint and Mollie’s Wings pieces.

For several years we discussed how we could offer pieces that may contain cremation ashes and in 2012, I finally managed to come up with a process that would allow me to incorporate a very small amount of ashes within my sentimental jewellery ranges. While we found items available elsewhere, which incorporate cremation ashes eg glass, resin and urn pendants, at that time, we could not find any jewellery which would incorporate two things – the ability to have a personalised and hand-made piece which would contain ashes, as well as personal prints eg baby footprints. Of course this isn’t limited to just hand, foot or fingerprints, you could also incorporate the signature or even a drawing a child has done for you in your piece, as well as an ultrasound image.  Several competitors followed suit and copied this idea and now offer the same, but we are proud to say that we were the first company in the UK who offered these products.  We have dedicated the range of jewellery which incorporated cremains, to Harley Rose and would like to thank her parents for entrusting me with their precious ashes and giving me the honour of making our first cremation ash special pieces for them.

Since then, many competitors and artists have started offering a variety of keepsake items with cremains in them.  In particular, glass and resin pieces have become very popular.  I have therefore decided that, rather than try and spread myself too thin and try and make all these pieces myself as well, I would rather collaborate with an experienced resin artist, so that I could refer customers who wanted such items to her.  Thus a collaboration has been struck up with Debbie at Sentimental Keepsake and you will find a few of her products on my site, but will be redirected to her website to purchase them.  This has allowed me to ensure that my customers have choice – should they want to have a silver keepsake with cremains and a print, I can do this and if they wanted to include other items, which I cannot incorporate into silver, eg hair, feathers, organic matter, they can contact Debbie, who can advise and make these sorts of pieces for them.

How it’s done….
We are confident that we can incorporate ashes in most of our items. All we need is a very tiny amount of ashes to be securely sent to us and we will incorporate them in the pieces you order. We will return to you what we don’t use. Our process does not generate any waste which may contain your ashes, so there will be no ash lost. This is the most important thing for us and why it took me in particular, time to work out my processes and offer these items to my customers. The integrity of these pieces, and how we make them, is hugely important to us and both Debbie and I will work very closely with you when designing and making your items. All our pieces are hand-made and bespoke and it is never too much trouble for us to go through everything very carefully with you, so as to ensure that the end result is just as you have expected… or better.


Baby Bean Miscarriage Necklace
Jelly Bean Miscarriage Necklace
Ultrasound Charm Dangle for Pandora
Ultrasound memorial keepsake charm
Butterfly Wings Memorial necklace
Too beautiful for earth washer pendant
An Angel’s Mummy Feather dangle Charm
Silent Tears Memorial Necklace Swarovski
Baby Bean Memorial Necklace
Generic Footprint Memorial Cufflinks

New Website!!

Today marks the launch of my new website which has consumed much of my (and my designer’s) time in the last month. Hopefully this sleek new version will be easier to navigate, with it’s modern look and search function.

The new “search” option, should assist you in locating the various pieces (or themes eg angel wings, family tree etc) you need, but it is also split into various categories and also products, so you could search for instance for all “fingerprint jewellery”, or you could search for all “charms”, which would include all the different keepsake pieces I make.

There is still a little work to do on formatting some of the images and as with any website, it’s always a work in progress as changes and updates are made almost daily.  Hopefully this will be complete by the end of the summer holidays, so that I can focus on getting Christmas products and lines ready for the silly season!

Hope you enjoy looking around the new website as much as I have enjoyed the revamp!

Handprint Triple Flower Necklace
Footprint charm bead for pandora-style bracelets
Footprint Charm Bead
Footprint Love Pendant Necklace
Footprint Charm Necklace with little angel wing
Earrings with handprints of your little ones
Cufflinks with handprints and footprints
Charm with handprints for pandora bracelet
Bead with footprints for pandora
Fingerprint Dogtag Keyring
Fingerprint Coin Necklace
Fingerprint Charm Bracelet Dangle
Fingerprint Earrings
Fingerprint charm dangle
Fingerprint heart necklace
Fingerprint charms
Fingerprint heart charm
Fingerprint cufflinks
Fingerprint Charm Necklace
Fingerprint Bead
Inked fingerprints transferred onto a bead suitable for pandora-style bracelets – a perfect memorial keepsake

Justacard Week – Supporting Small Businesses

This week is all about celebrating small businesses with the @justacard campaign. Today is all about telling you about me and my business. Well it started further back than 2007 which is when I started making jewellery. All my life I’ve made bits and bobs … sewing, knitting, making pottery, interior design dabbling etc etc. Somehow after having kids I ended up running art workshops for toddlers and had great fun taking prints of babies… which led me to finding a way of putting them onto silver charms. Back in 2007 there were very few people making fingerprint keepsakes and nobody teaching the method so I taught myself and set up my own business and website. I moved along to doing handprints and footprints as well, again searching for products I could adapt and use and inventing processes which I still use today. 11 years along I’ve progressed to making lots of different things, learning as I go along and pushing myself sometimes with my whacky ideas! I love what I do and feel privileged to have been able to be my own boss and work from home in my studio and balance this with being a mum of two boys… now both teenagers and taller than me! It’s thanks to all my lovely customers, my followers, my friends and my family that I can indulge my passion and make beautiful things and make a business out of it. So, this post is not so much about me as it is about everyone who has helped me be where I am today – thank you. As a small business owner I and other small creatives appreciate every sale, every conversation, review and customer enquiry that comes my way. Thank you everyone who supports small and handmade rather than mass produced items. #justacard#justacardcampaign #justacardweek#supportsmallbusiness #thankyou

                                    What I make

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on Sunday 17th June this year and I thought I would write about a few pieces that I’ve made over the years which were gifts to dads and what they meant to me to make them.

One of these pieces was actually the very first piece I made using a child’s painting, made when I first ventured into my silversmithing journey.  I’d never tried transferring paintings, or even drawings, writing or signatures onto silver before but I had at that time a reasonable knowledge of how it had to be done.  The mum approached me and told me her story and what it would mean if I could make this piece for her husband and I knew I had to try.  The little boy had painted a picture of his dad.  The reason it was special was because this little boy had a disability and this was the first time he had acknowledged his dad, as if I recall, he was also unable to express himself and speak properly.  It was almost a break through for the family and thus the piece meant so much to them.  I’m pleased to say, I succeeded in making the most beautiful keyring for the dad, using the little boy’s painting and they were ever so grateful to receive it.

After that, there was no stopping me with transferring drawings onto silver and you can see some of the examples on my website here

I have also been asked to make a few plectrum / pick pendants for rocker dads and these have incorporated fingerprints or hand and footprints alongside the children’s names.  They aren’t for playing guitar, but they are fun and something different and modern for trendy dads.  The plectrum pendants can be found here on my website.  They are fun to make and always remind me that even the shape of a piece of jewellery has meaning to the wearer and it’s wonderful to have been able to make personalised pieces for so many customers over the years.

Other special pieces have been those with handwriting and I’ve made keyrings and pendants using a loved one’s handwriting and because most of these pieces are memorial pieces, they are much treasured and an honour to make.  Examples of these type of pendants and pieces using handwriting and signatures can be found here on my website.  As each piece is bespoke and handmade, I am more than happy to work with you to create something special – it doesn’t have to be the designs or shapes that you see on my website – each piece is totally unique and made just for you.

Keeping this short and sweet, the last mention has to be the peapod cufflinks!  Because these are so versatile, they work as gifts for every occasion and I have even sent peapod cufflinks across the pond to the USA for brides to give to their groom on their wedding day.  I love making them, even though they are probably one of the most difficult pieces to polish and finish off to a high shine, but they are so worth it and probably one of my most popular designs.

I’ve enjoyed making hundreds of pieces and being kept busy and up all hours of the day and night during busy times of the year and I hope that, with your support, I can continue spending my days making beautiful shiny pieces for you all.  Thank you for those who have supported me over the past 11 years and to those new customers who will support me going forward.

xx Allison





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Fingerprints and Children’s Drawings turned into jewellery
Pet Noseprint Jewellery