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This week is all about celebrating small businesses with the @justacard campaign. Today is all about telling you about me and my business. Well it started further back than 2007 which is when I started making jewellery. All my life I’ve made bits and bobs … sewing, knitting, making pottery, interior design dabbling etc etc. Somehow after having kids I ended up running art workshops for toddlers and had great fun taking prints of babies… which led me to finding a way of putting them onto silver charms. Back in 2007 there were very few people making fingerprint keepsakes and nobody teaching the method so I taught myself and set up my own business and website. I moved along to doing handprints and footprints as well, again searching for products I could adapt and use and inventing processes which I still use today. 11 years along I’ve progressed to making lots of different things, learning as I go along and pushing myself sometimes with my whacky ideas! I love what I do and feel privileged to have been able to be my own boss and work from home in my studio and balance this with being a mum of two boys… now both teenagers and taller than me! It’s thanks to all my lovely customers, my followers, my friends and my family that I can indulge my passion and make beautiful things and make a business out of it. So, this post is not so much about me as it is about everyone who has helped me be where I am today – thank you. As a small business owner I and other small creatives appreciate every sale, every conversation, review and customer enquiry that comes my way. Thank you everyone who supports small and handmade rather than mass produced items. #justacard#justacardcampaign #justacardweek#supportsmallbusiness #thankyou

                                    What I make

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on Sunday 17th June this year and I thought I would write about a few pieces that I’ve made over the years which were gifts to dads and what they meant to me to make them.

One of these pieces was actually the very first piece I made using a child’s painting, made when I first ventured into my silversmithing journey.  I’d never tried transferring paintings, or even drawings, writing or signatures onto silver before but I had at that time a reasonable knowledge of how it had to be done.  The mum approached me and told me her story and what it would mean if I could make this piece for her husband and I knew I had to try.  The little boy had painted a picture of his dad.  The reason it was special was because this little boy had a disability and this was the first time he had acknowledged his dad, as if I recall, he was also unable to express himself and speak properly.  It was almost a break through for the family and thus the piece meant so much to them.  I’m pleased to say, I succeeded in making the most beautiful keyring for the dad, using the little boy’s painting and they were ever so grateful to receive it.

After that, there was no stopping me with transferring drawings onto silver and you can see some of the examples on my website here

I have also been asked to make a few plectrum / pick pendants for rocker dads and these have incorporated fingerprints or hand and footprints alongside the children’s names.  They aren’t for playing guitar, but they are fun and something different and modern for trendy dads.  The plectrum pendants can be found here on my website.  They are fun to make and always remind me that even the shape of a piece of jewellery has meaning to the wearer and it’s wonderful to have been able to make personalised pieces for so many customers over the years.

Other special pieces have been those with handwriting and I’ve made keyrings and pendants using a loved one’s handwriting and because most of these pieces are memorial pieces, they are much treasured and an honour to make.  Examples of these type of pendants and pieces using handwriting and signatures can be found here on my website.  As each piece is bespoke and handmade, I am more than happy to work with you to create something special – it doesn’t have to be the designs or shapes that you see on my website – each piece is totally unique and made just for you.

Keeping this short and sweet, the last mention has to be the peapod cufflinks!  Because these are so versatile, they work as gifts for every occasion and I have even sent peapod cufflinks across the pond to the USA for brides to give to their groom on their wedding day.  I love making them, even though they are probably one of the most difficult pieces to polish and finish off to a high shine, but they are so worth it and probably one of my most popular designs.

I’ve enjoyed making hundreds of pieces and being kept busy and up all hours of the day and night during busy times of the year and I hope that, with your support, I can continue spending my days making beautiful shiny pieces for you all.  Thank you for those who have supported me over the past 11 years and to those new customers who will support me going forward.

xx Allison





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