Handstamped Personalised Aluminium Cuff Bracelets - fashion jewellery


Handstamped Personalised Aluminium Cuff Bracelets - fashion jewellery

Aluminium cuff bracelets handstamped with your choice of text.  Approx 35 letters and characters can be stamped in the large font as shown on the cuffs.  Other fonts are available should you wish to have a few extra letters.

Design stamps are also available and include hands, feet, animals, flowers etc.  See additional image for options and state which you would like in the comments box at checkout.

Personalise with your own details - anything from names, dates, destinations, co-ordinates or special words and phrases.  

Please note that these are ALUMINIUM and not silver and are soft metal, which can easily deform, so do wear with care.  They can be slightly adjusted when wearing for the first time, but do note the tip below on how to put them on, to prevent distorting the metal.

A little tip I've learned recently about how to put on a cuff bracelets.... There is a natural hollow in your wrist between the tendons and you put one end into that as shown in the pic below, with a gentle push, the rest of the cuff fits onto your wrist without deforming or breaking it. Really simple and will make putting your cuff on a doddle!

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