11Children's Artwork

Ever wondered what to do with your child's drawings and artwork?  Many of us keep special pictures in drawers and boxes, but this is the perfect way of being able to see that special artwork everyday and wear it proudly around your neck or attached to a bracelet.  It will be a unique and one-off piece and is sure to attract a lot of comments from friends and family!  And won't your little ones be so proud of their artwork - it will certainly boost their self-esteem to see you wearing their drawing on a chain or bracelet!

The size of the piece we can make for you will depend on the complexity of the drawing.  Simple line pictures do work best.  All we need is for you to email us the image or send us a photocopy (no bigger than A4) and we can work from that.  We don't need your original pictures, but if you are unable to mail us a copy, do let us know that you want them back, or we will file them with your order in our archive system.

We will shape each piece according to the picture.  The loop/hole will be positioned where we feel it will best allow the piece to hang balanced, but if you wish it to hang a certain way, do let us know - for example, one pendant shown on our site hangs from an arm, because we were asked to do this... it's a personal choice, but if you are happy to leave it up to us, we will normally make the hole at the top of the piece.

These pieces are made in pure silver and are handcrafted from scratch by ourselves.

Looking for that unique and special gift..... why not choose a beautiful charm or pendant incorporating the drawings and doodles of your child?

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