Sterling Silver Life Story Footprint or Handprint LARGE HOLE beads


Sterling Silver Life Story Footprint or Handprint LARGE HOLE beads

These sterling silver large hole beads will fit any existing double-wrap 5mm leather bracelet that you have.  

The hole is approximately 10mm (1cm).  The width will vary, but be approximately 8-10mm.  Thickness is approximately 1mm (to match our other life story beads).

On one side will be the print - handprint or footprint.  On the back we can fit a name and/or DOB.

If you have prints to use for this bead, you may email or mail them to us with your order number.  If you need to take the prints, choose the appropriate postage at checkout (to include the inkless print-taking kit) and we will send you an easy, mess-free system to take the hand or footprints of your baby or child.  Return these to us and we will use them to make up your bead.  Full instructions come with the kit - it's really very easy to do!  We also use paint prints from nursery, prints you may already have and in some special cases we will use photos or prints done in plaster casts (if this is all you have).  If you wish to use any prints that are NOT on paper and done in ink or paint, please email us first to check if we can use them).

The finish on these beads is antiqued, to enhance the print detail.  We use the same font as with all our other hand/footprint pieces i.e. a casual quirky font with capital and lower case lettering.  We do not hand-engrave on these beads.  

These beads can also be worn as pendants and interchanged on your bracelet with other Life Story Beads (See our Autobiography section for a full range available).

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