Fingerprint Cufflinks - Fingerprint Jewellery, Keepsake Jewellery, Memorial Jewellery - Jewellery and Gifts for Men


Fingerprint Cufflinks - Fingerprint Jewellery, Keepsake Jewellery, Memorial Jewellery - Jewellery and Gifts for Men

The perfect Father's Day Gift - fingerprint jewellery cufflinks!

Fingerprint Cufflinks are the most popular choice of gift for fathers and grandfathers by far!  We offer these in several shapes and combinations of prints and personalisation. 

Once you have placed your order, we will mail you the appropriate impression kits so that you can take the fingerprints and return these to us. 

You may use the prints of 1 or 2 children on these cufflinks.  If you have one child, we will use the same print on both cufflinks and you can have a name on one and a DOB on the other - indeed, you may wish to have a name on both... the choice is yours.  We can add an age/date on the back and a very short message.  Space is limited on the backs of cufflinks, so please, no "War & Peace"!  Something like "happy 40th", "we love you", "to daddy" is about all we can fit on!  Oval and round cufflinks allow slightly longer names, but our font is small and neat, so even names like "Charlotte" normally fit on the square cufflink.  The photos shown should give you some idea of what we can fit on!

If you have 2 children, each cufflink will have a different print on, with name.

When selecting the shape you want, you may also consider the ages of your children i.e. the size of the fingerprint.  We find that the oval shape best accommodates larger fingerprints of older children or adults.  If the prints are too big for the square or round shape, then sometimes we have to put the personalisation on the backs of the cufflinks.  That been said, we get most prints on all shapes.  Please note that the fingerprints are actual size, give or take 10% shrinkage in the firing process! 

Each cufflink disc is handmade from pure silver and a sterling silver t-bar swivel post is soldered to the back.  We also make the discs thicker than our normal charms and pendants, as we feel the extra thickness is much better on the cufflink and it also allows us to put personalisation on the backs, despite space being quite limited.

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